Wednesday 16th March 2016 – Party Animal

Wilma is very excited. She has been invited to a party. Next Monday her dog training class is having an Easter party and she will be able to go. She needs a fancy dress outfit and is now trying to come up with some ideas and persuade our Mistress to make it for her. She said she’d like to go as a cowgirl, but she isn’t really sure how to do it. Nor does she know how many of her class actually realise that she is a cattle herding dog, so they may not get it anyway. I suspect at the end of the day she will just have to go as herself, but she might be lucky. We don’t really have any outfits apart from the odd Santa one that already doesn’t fit her. Our Mistress says she will see if she can adapt anything she has for her.

What I haven’t told you yet is that the crow is back. So much for thinking it had actually given up pecking our windows. The first sign of spring and it was back perched on the front of the house pecking very noisily at the windows. It, of course, disturbed Shadow, who in turn spent her day complaining to the rest of us and driving us all wild. Our Mistress says there is nothing else for it but to put the owl garden sculpture on the roof as originally planned. It’s been very nice having it sat by the kettle since it came home with us from Belgium last November, but it’s not doing any practical good just there especially as it’s coffee making skills are limited. The big question is how to secure it to the roof, especially seeing as the anti-bird strips fell off of their own accord.

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  1. Hey Alfie, that’s a good thing for my daughter Wilma to go to a costume party. Tell your mistress how to make a simple cowgirl costume, I give you a hint:
    You only need a neckpiece, an old hat and a slightly adapted harness. Your mistress will be proud of you if you help her.
    And for the crow: I think the bird sees its mirror image in the window and takes it for a rival. There are some birds who act like that. It’s only during the mating season:
    Somtimes in spring we have a pied wagtail who comes to our windows.
    Good luck and hugs’n’kisses to you all!

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