Tuesday 15th March 2016 – Puppies

It’s Alfie here, I thought I’d see if writing cheered me up a bit. Feeling sorry for myself doesn’t seem to be working, so I needed a different approach. My puppy thinks she has grown up as a result of her time away and is being a little madam since she got back. She found her voice well and truly when she could see our neighbour in his garden when she was looking out of the window and had a thoroughly good bark. Our Mistress was not best pleased with her. She is a very agile puppy and is quite happy to stand up on the chair so that she has a better view out at what she clearly regards as her kingdom, or should that be queendom? Anyway, either way it can be very annoying when you are trying to get a little nap. She has got more free run of things now that she’s a little more responsible and is totally taking over. She’s still my best friend so I can’t really complain. Our Mistress has been wondering when Wilma’s first season will start and says some of her current behaviour may be hormonal. Oh do I hate it when women are hormonal. I have no idea where I am.

Wilma watched this clip of dancing with dogs from Crufts and promptly said she’d like to try that too. Our Mistress says that unfortunately whilst Wilma might do very well, she is under no illusions that it is not for her. They are going to have to focus on things that involve a little less turning round and spinning.

Our Mistress was a big quiet yesterday afternoon after some dental work that she tried having without any anaesthetic. She said she wouldn’t recommend it, but if she has anaesthetic then it stops her allergy treatment working so she decided it was the lesser evil, now she’s not so sure!

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  1. Lovely to hear from you Alfie. I do hope you are feeling better soon. Have a lovely tail waggy woofy day. Sammi sends you a big lick. xx

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