Saturday 5th March 2016 – A Puppy Named After Me

Hi, it’s Ari again as it’s the weekend. Alfie is not feeling too bad but is putting his paws up. He hasn’t had all his blood test results, but the blood counts are ok. He is feeling very frustrated by not feeling well and is tending to bark for no reason at all, annoying all of us. He’s back at the vet on Tuesday to see if the antibiotics have helped.

Anyway, on to the exciting news. Our Mistress’s friend’s dog, Tosca, had puppies earlier this week. The way we work is that the breeder’s first litter all the dogs’ names begin with an A. Well it isn’t their first litter, but as they have been all the way round the alphabet they are back to the letter A for a second time. How cool is that? Anyway, it gets better as in the litter there are three girls and three boys and they have named two of the boys Alfie and Ari after me and Alfie. I’m so excited. Wilma will get to meet little Alfie and Ari when she goes next month, along with their brother Arco and their sisters Amélie, Allegra und Alaia. I do hope they all grow up to be big strong healthy dogs and that one day they learn a little bit about the boys they’ve been named after.

She has started her tricks course and was delighted to find she already knows some of them. She is learning new ones and our Mistress is doing quite well learning them too. I’m going to do them too, but our Mistress said it was probably easier to teach one of us at once. I already know the ones she is learning at the moment so hopefully I can do my video at the same time. It would be nice to get my certificate at the same time she does.

Now that she will sit still, for a minute at least, I got Wilma to pose for some photos. Here she is.


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