Sunday 6th March 2016 – Way to Go, Little Bro

That was my chew!

How much harder my little brother Dickens works than I do! He’s passed his silver good citizen award. Well done, Dickens. I didn’t get passed puppy, but that’s another story. Wilma is going to make up for it, although she’s been having a naughty weekend and driving our Mistress to distraction. There’s nothing like a little reminder to your human that they are in no position to become complacent.

Alfie enjoying the sunshine
Alfie enjoying the sunshine

Alfie is really not sure if he’s coming or going. He had a lovely walk and really enjoyed the fresh air and sunshine, but then at home he’s getting upset over nothing and doesn’t know what to do with himself. His neck glands are still badly swollen. Our Mistress says she thinks they are even more swollen than they were and she was surprised that he wanted to walk, but then we all need a little sunshine in our lives.

Our Mistress is trying to move onto clicker training with Wilma. The first problem is our Mistress’s lack of her coordination and her tendency to click at random times when she didn’t mean to. I’ve tried to reassure her that she will improve, but she’s not sure she will. Wilma’s giving her some leeway at the moment and not taking her clicks too seriously. She’s got to start recording her tricks to upload to be able to pass her Novice Dog Trick certificate. When she does then obviously we’ll let you have a link so you can judge how she’s doing. Her performance is not completely consistent yet, but then neither is Wilma’s. It’s funny watching Wilma having difficulty with some of the things I struggled with when I was young. I thought it was just me, but I try to help showing her the ropes now. I’ve been trying to think back to work out at what point it started to make sense to me, but like all these things it sort of crept up on me over time.

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  1. Happy Mothers Day to Shadow and my first human Mummy Rosemary. Thank you for your lovely comments about passing my test.
    Lots of love Dickens XXXX

    • You managed to bring a tear to our Mistress’s eye. Mum’s more stoic but she still appreciated the thought. Have a woofly day, bro.

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