Wednesday 2nd March 2016 – Little Star

I’m really proud of my puppy, she’s a little star. She was promoted in her training class last week so this week was in with older puppies. The others were actually bigger than Wilma except for one little terrier and seemed to be around 12 months to a year old. They did four real exercises this week. Walking to heel including off lead, which, after initially going to have a word with one of the older ones, she did very well. Then they did a sit and stay for a whole minute and she was one of the only ones who didn’t get up and try to move. Twice, they did it and twice Wilma got it right. They did another exercise weaving amongst distractions, including one with a treat under it and had to leave it when told and she did and then they did some ‘fetch’ exercises. Our Mistress has not taught her to play fetch yet. She said she was going to get Shadow to teach her when the weather was better and they could play outside. Anyway, Wilma watched the other dogs and on her first turn didn’t do anything, so our Mistress led her up to it and showed her what to do. Then at her second turn Wilma did exactly what she was supposed to do and went to collect the retrieve toy and brought it back. Our Mistress was so proud of her. She is trying to sign her up to the tricks course at the moment, but is waiting to hear back. Wilma has even said she will help me to learn some tricks as she thinks it would be nice to do it together rather than her just work with Aristotle. I wondered if all four of us could maybe do something at the same time, but Shadow soon put paid to that idea and said that as she is going to be a grandmother she needs to behave in a dignified manner and not like a circus animal. That told me!

Ari and our Mistress
Ari and our Mistress

Don’t tell our Mistress about this photo. Ari took a selfie of them when they went swimming and I don’t think our Mistress would like it very much.

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  1. Well done Wilma. Must be your influence Alfie. Love Ari’s selfie. Hope you all have a happy tail waggy day. xx

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