Tuesday 1st March 2016 – Exciting News

I’m going to start with the most exciting news first. Shadow is going to be a granny. Aida who mated with Basil had her scan yesterday and she’s pregnant. It will be Shadow’s first grandchildren and she’s really very excited about it. Aida’s human lived quite near us so Shadow is hoping to get chance to see her grandchildren and I think that one is likely to stay at home with Aida so will grow up locally.

Oh dear, Wilma is in her element. The farmers are muck spreading in the fields around where we go for our walks and as they fill the spreaders some sticks to the wheels and then is distributed along all the pathways. Wilma thinks it’s fantastic. Every few metres when she’s walking she can stop to try to eat some. Our Mistress can be heard shouting ‘leave it’ at regular intervals, but she’s wasting her breath. Wilma makes a showing of leaving a little and then picks another bigger bit up and chomps on it before our Mistress can do anything about it!

Wilma sleeping upside down
Wilma sleeping upside down

We’d all worn ourselves out at the weekend while our Master and Mistress were away and so yesterday was very quiet. Ari slept most of the day, as did I. Shadow is really enjoying having our Master at home so she’s been looking after him, which has just left Wilma to entertain herself. In fairness as long as she can see our Mistress she is very good at that. She likes to have our Mistress fully in her line of sight though and if truth be told I think our Mistress feels much the same way. In between that Wilma spent part of the day sleeping somewhat upside down. I’m sure she could not have been comfortable in this position!

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