Thursday 18th February 2016 – One of us is supposed to be in charge

Our Mistress has gone to a meeting in London today. Our Master is home and as it is half term so is Andy. That leaves a choice of six of us and one of us is supposed to be in charge. Andy get’s so engrossed in his game on the computer that the house could burn down and he wouldn’t notice. Our Master is home because he has had an operation on his foot and can’t move around. Aristotle is not regarded as responsible, so that leaves me, Wilma or Shadow. We will still be arguing about who it should be by the time our Mistress comes back and takes charge again.

Wilma did well at both her puppy classes this week. Our Mistress said that something will have to go drastically wrong for her not to pass and progress to the next stage. She sat by a bulldog who was trying to distract her, which in the end was winding our Mistress up a bit, because it was making Wilma bark. I think she was fed up she couldn’t sit next to her best friend Jazz, but there were no seats by Wilma when Jazz came in and it wouldn’t have looked good to move when the dogs around her were lovely too. One of the things they were tested on this week was coping with odd noises. Most of the puppies were very concerned by the vacuum cleaner, but Wilma marched straight up to it. They have to do a sit and stay next week for at least ten seconds. Our Mistress says that as long as Wilma doesn’t decide to deliberately let her down that should be fine as they are now working on 45 seconds together. Our Mistress says she’s really enjoying working with Wilma and I think they are both having quite a lot of fun.

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