Friday 19th February 2016 – It’s Nice to be Missed


I told you our Mistress had to go to London yesterday, well what was lovely was that she missed us. She said that even by the time she got there she was already wishing that we were with her or more to the point that she was with us. She really isn’t a city lover, which suits me very well as neither am I. When she isn’t with us she always wears her necklace with our pawprints on and of course the ring I got her for Christmas too. She doesn’t have one of Wilma’s pawprints yet so she wore the earrings that Wilma bought her for Christmas. It’s nice to think that she thinks about us when we aren’t there. She says a day in a city is more than enough to remind her that she doesn’t ever want to go back to her old type of working life. There might be some companies that allow you to take a dog to work with you, but there aren’t many that would let you take all 4! We’d probably get in the way. Of course we get in the way at home too, but we’re allowed to do that because it’s our home. Come to that it’s my business as it has my name on all the paperwork so I am probably more allowed to get in the way than the others.

I’m feeling fairly nervous as the dog behaviour lady is coming out to see me tomorrow to discuss my anxiety issues. I don’t really know what to say to her, but our Mistress says she will be there with me and the lady won’t just be talking to me she will want to talk to all of us. I don’t know what she’ll make of the way Aristotle treats me sometimes. Our Mistress has said that it is both of us that are at fault, but I can’t help being frightened. He doesn’t have to be nasty to me. I just hope the lady can help. Our Mistress says it will probably be her that is given the homework rather than me, but I guess we’ll have to work on it together.

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