Monday 8th February 2016 – Safety video

Wilma and I want to talk about something very serious today. We had an email from a company that look at safety in the home and they showed us the video that you can watch HERE. It is worth watching if only to scare yourselves. Now all you dogs out there, when you’ve watched it you need to talk to your humans about what things they leave plugged in when they are away from the house and you are there. Obviously it’s important when you’re not there too, but when you are at home you need to be especially certain that you are safe. Me and Wilma started reading some of the information on their main site which you can find HERE about the dangers of some equipment especially, like phone chargers and battery packs. As a result Wilma has taken our Mistress round the house and asked her to start unplugging some things or at least turning them off. She’s also asked her to make sure she only buys good quality mobile phone chargers that meet the required safety standards, however attractive buying cheap ones might be. At the end of the day we are worth the little extra it might cost and the little extra time it takes to think about turning things off.

What really shows you is that at the weekend the charger for one of My Master’s things stopped working and when we looked closed it was because the wire had broken and the wires were all exposed. It just shows you can’t be too careful.

Shadow and Leo (D'Artagnan)
Shadow and Leo (D’Artagnan)

Anyway, I was really pleased to see Wilma when she got back yesterday. I’d missed her. It’s a funny thing with an annoying puppy. Somehow she might be annoying, but I’ve got accustomed to having a playmate and I really rather like her.

Shadow asked if we could show you this lovely picture of her and Leo from Saturday. She’s not usually a demonstrative dog, but I think she might be a little bit fond of us all really.

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