Thursday 31st December 2015 – New Year’s Resolutions

Me and Wilma

Now I know that Alfie wants to be back with you tomorrow as he’s got a special New Year

Just chilling under the desk
Just chilling under the desk

message for you all, but he said I could write about my New Year’s resolutions today. No one round here can believe how much better behaved I am now than I used to be. I even heard them saying that as things stand I’m the best behaved dog in the house, which takes some believing and does rather make me think I’m letting the side down, but there you have it. Our Mistress says that it gives her hope that all her training efforts have not been in vain and that it is worth all the work. I wouldn’t go quite that far, but she may have something of a point. It was when I was playing rather vigorously in the kitchen with Wilma while everyone was trying to have lunch. Our Mistress simply said ‘Enough’ and I stopped in my tracks and sat down. Wilma took a little more convincing but maybe I could help to teach her. So here is my New Year’s Resolution. I’m going to try to be the best role model a dog could have and show Wilma all the right ways to do things. I may teach her the odd trick like opening the kitchen door as well, but essentially I’m resolving to be a good and helpful dog. What I’ve come to understand is the better behaved I am, the more freedom I get and the more love and cuddles as well. You wouldn’t think that it’s when you stop being so demanding that you start to get everything you want would you? Anyway, that’s the way it seems to work round here. Wilma still scares me witless but she’s growing on me now we’ve started to play together. It’s funny, with Alfie she plays tug and not much else. With me we wrestle but don’t tend to play tug.

Anyway, if I don’t catch you before, have a happy New Year and remember I’m not promising to be good all the time but when Wilma’s watching I will be on my best behaviour!

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