Tuesday 29th December 2015 – Oh dear

Alfie looking all gentle and sleepy
After the rain
After the rain

Everyone is back together and it is not going well. Ari is delighted to see Wilma and she him. They are playing madly and a) risking knocking everything over and b) leaving me out. Shadow is not pleased to see Wilma and wants to make every point she can that she is top dog. I’m not pleased to see anyone so I’m barking madly in case anyone was going to be a problem, which of course in my eyes they are. Our Mistress is pleased to see all of us, except when the noise level becomes deafening and the boisterous play starts to risk causing serious damage to her computer monitor or for that matter her. She says today there are going to be some long walks and … if we don’t behave ourselves then she will be going on them without us just to get a break! Mind you, I didn’t want to walk yesterday so I don’t suppose today will be any different. I went a couple of hundred metres from the car and said that would do for me.

Our behaviour isn’t helping our Mistress sorting out her computer problems. She got so fed up with Windows 10 that she has moved over the working totally on the Mac side of the computer. She is trying to make it as easy for me as possible with everything much as it used to be, but she uses other software and has made a bit of a mess of it so far. I’m keeping my head down before she asks me to help her sort it out. Her worst moment was finding she has lost her task list which she lives by. She’s got it back in triplicate at the moment and is now having to sort it out. If she forgets something you were expecting her to do then please don’t be too surprised. It’s going to take a day or two before she gets it all straight.

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