Saturday 27th August 2011- Shadow has a midnight snack

This pregnancy thing is getting a bit much. Shadow decided to save a chew and take it upstairs in case she fancied a midnight snack. None of us realised she’d done it until we were all asleep at 11.55pm and she started chewing very loudly. It really was that time. I don’t know whether she had been watching the clock so she could have it around midnight or whether it was a coincidence, however my Mistress calmly got out of bed, took her chew away, put it on the shelf and then got back in to bed and we all went to sleep.

Shadow’s whelping pen has arrived too. She’s been checking it out and says it isn’t as nice as the one she would have had if she’d stayed in Switzerland, but then we didn’t really have the skills to make her a nice wooden one with a canopy. My Mistress has said it was the best she could do and so Shadow says she will try to get to like it. She was fed up that it had to have our kennel name on it rather than her own name. My Mistress explained that is because Megan will get to use the same one, which left Shadow even less impressed.

As you know, we like Cesar Millan and his books. However, I do need to take issue about one small point with him. According to Cesar dog’s don’t have personalities or more to the point dogalities. I’m sorry Cesar, but you are wrong. Your whole premise falls down because you are equating dogalities to fears and phobias which need not exist in the first place. There we agree with you. However, there is way more than that to a person’s attributes and the same with a dog. Take the three of us. It isn’t all about energy. Yes I am a low energy dog, but I’m also quite clever and can work stuff out. Megan is high energy and also very clever indeed. She picks things up very quickly and can work things out for herself given the opportunity. Then there is Shadow. She is naturally much more caring than either of the other two of us. She chases butterflies and specks of dirt and bounds about happily for no apparent reason as though she is on springs. She is medium energy, so it isn’t just the whole energy thing. Faced with the same problem we all approach it differently, leaving our issues aside, we all have very different characters. We like different games and different foods. Shadow does this really cute thing of raising her paw when she wants something. No one taught her to do it, it’s just what she does. We all have our own little dogality and even the great Cesar Millan is wrong if he says otherwise.

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