Friday 22nd July 2011 – Time flies

After there was me saying I didn’t know how the week could be going so slowly, it’s nearly over and my Mistress and the girls should be starting their journey home. I know this is the point at which they will all be fed up of the sight of the inside of the car and will be wanting to just to get home and put their feet up. In the case of Shadow it will be a question of putting her paws up and being waited on paw and paw. I know I’ll get bored with it eventually but at this stage I’m quite ready to do all the fetching and carrying she might need. We will need to work out a little exercise programme so that she can keep in shape. I’m hoping that my Mistress will share her new Wii fit board that she bought just before she went away. I’ve been reading the instructions and it definitely says it can be used to weigh pets, so I’m rather thinking it might be possible to use it to exercise pets too, so that we can keep fit in the comfort of our own homes, particularly when it’s raining. You can call me a wimp, I can take it. I know.

My grandparents are leaving today so I guess I’ll be doing the cooking tonight. I’d like to prepare a surprise meal for when they all get back tomorrow as well, but I think that might be stretching things just a little. I know there will be a lot of catching up for my Mistress to do when she gets home, but she has promised to take a week or so off work to spend some time with me so that I don’t feel quite so left out. I think she intends it as recovery time after driving all that way. I’m hoping that it may mean we get to stay in bed in the mornings, but I may be being optimistic.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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