Thursday 21st July 2011 – An Entlebucher Mountain Dog

It occurred to me that those of you who don’t know much about us may wonder why all the fuss about a trip to Switzerland. I’m an Entlebucher Mountain Dog and I live in England. You may think that’s nothing special but there aren’t very many of us here and we originate from Switzerland. It is Shadow’s responsibility to help to develop the breed in this country and she is taking her responsibilities seriously. As yet there are no stud dogs in this country. I, for eyewatering reasons I won’t bore you with, cannot act as a stud dog. Oh, I wanted to. I volunteered, but sadly I don’t have all the working parts that are needed. Unfortunately for Shadow the other boys in this country don’t have full working parts or are too young to be able to get involved. In one case the boy is her brother and that is not something I want to go into!

Anyway, so having had all her health tests which allow her to breed, she has packed her little suitcase and set off on an adventure to Switzerland to meet a lovely stud dog called Rino. Megan has gone too, so that she can see her family and because it will be her turn next and it is a good time to learn the ropes. So that’s us really. The hopes of the breed are currently resting on Shadow’s young shoulders and lots of people here are excited about her becoming pregnant. Hers will be only the fourth litter of our breed to have been born in this country. In fact before around the year 2000 there weren’t any of our breed in this country at all. It’s all very exciting and I’m proud that while I can’t actually be the sire, I can at least be the puppies’ step-dad, which is the next best thing.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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