Thursday 14th July 2011 – Our family tree

I’ve realised why Shadow’s season is so late and it all just proves two things. The first is that she isn’t as bright as Megan or me and the other is that she is a very considerate dog. It’s all because she doesn’t understand technology. When my Mistress last went to Switzerland she borrowed the hard backed books with all the details of the litters that have been born there in the last twenty years. She is inputting them to our Entlebucher family tree. The plan was that on this trip she would take those books back and borrow the next twenty years worth. By Sunday, when they set off, My Mistress will just have got to the end of those twenty years. What Shadow has not understood is that my dad has now sent them all to us on a cd so that we have them electronically. It means we won’t need to borrow all the books until we want to look at the ones before 1927, which will be a little time in the future.

Building up the family tree means we now have 3700 dogs in our database. It’s funny thinking I am related to all that number of dogs. I know it is only really like the fact that if you look back far enough all you humans are related to each other, but it really is quite a remarkable thought. I wonder how far back my Mistress will have got with the inputting by the time the puppies are born. We’ve been working it all out and if things go well the puppies will be born around the 21st September and will be ready to go off to their new homes at round about my birthday. It’s going to be so hard watching them go. My Mistress says she will be putting together puppy packs for the new owners and they have to sign a contract. I asked if I could make them sign a contract with me too. It would be along the lines of ‘either you look after these little fellas or you will have me to contend with’. Of course, reading that back it sounds more like a threat than a contract, but I think they’d get the point.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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