Friday 15th July 2011 – She’s not normal!

She’s not normal. Most people who were planning to drive to Switzerland on Sunday would be having a quiet couple of days when they could prepare for the trip, but not in this household. Apart from trying to do all the work she would normally be doing while she is away, my Mistress is part of the small team preparing for the village fun day. They have put up bunting to make the village look nice and now she is engaged in printing posters, finding enough old ice cream containers for the stalls to collect the money and will later be going to collect the wooden stand we use for plate smashing. The ice cream containers are the biggest problem. We don’t have enough. Food in the freezer is being summarily decanted into plastic bags. Screws from the garage are sitting in untidy piles and she still hasn’t found enough. I suggested we could eat some more ice cream but I haven’t been taken up on my generous suggestion. I have been tasked with getting things ready for the dog show and before you ask I can’t be accused of cheating as I won’t be taking part. I will however accept bribes in the form of chews, toys or biscuits. To be honest, there probably isn’t a great deal of point as I’m not doing the judging, but I could pass my comments on to the judge as I know him from the kennels. Once again, to be fair, most of the dogs in the village know him as he owns the local kennels, so I don’t think anyone will be getting a head-start. Megan might get to take part. Andy would have to take her, but with my Mistress organising it that might not be considered to be ok. Anyway, I’d better get on with printing the certificates and entry forms.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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