Sunday 12th June 2011 – Watering the plants

Today my Mistress is driving to see my grandparents. It made me wish I could be there too. Tonight is my human cousin’s eighteenth birthday party. Why aren’t I there for it? To be fair they have a dog of their own and I don’t think he’s going either, so there is no point my taking it personally. That reminds me. If anyone knows any summer work for a fit, strong 20 year old lad, then my other cousin is in need of something until he goes back to university in late September. He might come and stay here for a week, which I’m crossing my paws will happen, but then if you’re 20 and don’t know anyone, this is probably not the most exciting place to be.

I’m learning to water the plants for while my Mistress is away. I misunderstood to begin with and thought I had to pee on them, but it turns out I should use the watering can or the hose pipe. I find the hose pipe easier but if I’m not careful and get it round the wrong way it can be a very wet experience. I may be relieved of my duties as my paternal grandparents have said they will come and look after us when my Mistress has to go with Shadow. I think they are really thinking of James, but I have to say I’m grateful too. With their help the plants are much more likely to look reasonably alive when she gets back. It would be tragic if all the hard work she has done in growing all these plants from seed and in planting them in pots, were to go to waste because we forgot to water them all. I suppose we could hope for rainy cold weather while she is away.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind