Tuesday 7th June 2011 – The herb garden

I think that my Mistress is getting carried away with this whole herb garden business. Normal people grow perhaps half a dozen herbs, the most common ones, in their garden for their culinary use. Why couldn’t my Mistress be normal? She is now growing no less than nineteen different varieties of herb and still has another two to grow from seed. She doesn’t even know how to use most of them. There are still only one or two that get used in cooking, although to be fair the crop of saffron was just enough for one dish to be cooked using it last year. I’ve even started to wonder exactly how many varieties of herb there might be in the world and just how far her obsession can go.

I’ve been reading about the volcano in Chile that is erupting. More to the point I’ve been looking at some of the pictures. It is enough to make you realise there are other obsessive people in the world with even less sense than my Mistress. Why do people try to get so close to something that can kill them in order to take a photograph? It’s the same with tornadoes and for that matter lions! You see these photographs and your first thought is ‘Wow’, then your second thought is ‘Was the photographer insane?’ and for that matter ‘Is the photographer still alive?’ Who would voluntarily look into the crater of a volcano that could erupt at any moment or for that matter actually chase a storm rather than disappear as fast as they can in the opposite direction? It’s not normal behaviour, certainly not in the animal world. Maybe photographers are a particular species of animal that normal rules don’t apply to.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind alfie@alfiedog.me.uk