Monday 6th June 2011 – The novel comes to life

When my Mistress set off to catch the train on Saturday it was a glorious sunny day and for the early hour it was quite warm. She was optimistic and dressed for summer. However, by the time she got off the train two hours later and a hundred and fifty miles away the temperature had dropped considerably. By the time she came home, it was no longer sunny and the temperature was positively cool. The train company had just caught up with the fact that the weather had been hot on the previous couple of days, so had turned the airconditioning down to the full blast. By the time she got off the train to come home, my Mistress was positively shivering in her thin summer sleeveless shirt. I’ve never seen someone so glad to see a thick jumper as when she came through the door and ran upstairs to thaw out.

Her day had been remarkable in another respect. Now I know when I explain, most of you are going to think she is mad, but that’s the thing with writers, for the most part they are. Her characters for her new book started talking to each other on Saturday, with my Mistress simply listening in. She started to hear their different turns of phrase and identify specific things they might say to each other. She came home very excited and eager to write the next part of the chapter. She wants to get the first chapter and synopsis written in time for a competition with a deadline of the end of this month. It is going to be a close run thing whether she gets finished before Shadow’s season gets in the way. She is expecting the first chapter to be about 4000 words long and so far she has written 1600 words. She’s almost got me excited about it.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind