Friday 20th May 2011 – Do I look like I smoke?

If I could have £5 for every time someone asked if we were from the same litter, I’d have been able to retire a long time ago. How difficult is it to understand we are simply the same breed? They don’t assume every Labrador is from the same litter or for that matter every St Bernard. I suppose it’s that whole difference thing. Because people don’t see that many of us they don’t even realise we are a dog breed. I could add all the £5 to the times I get asked if I’m a Beagle cross, to which my stock answer is ‘Do I look like I smoke?’

In the level of dog training exam that Shadow and Megan are doing next, they have to cope with someone eating a biscuit in front of them and not sit and drool. At this point, I know I’ve failed long before I get to sit an exam to prove it. I know I have to lie down quietly and not beg for food, but how easy is that when it smells so good? I just sit thinking to myself that a little crumb wouldn’t go amiss and there it is I start drooling and I can’t stop myself. I think the equivalent would be for a human to sit watching another one eating a hot bacon sandwich and think nothing of waving it about in front of them but then not offer one to the person sat next to them. You try not drooling in that situation.

You will be pleased to know that I have now moved all of 2006 of my diary onto the new blog software, which just leaves 2007 onwards. I’m reckoning on finishing it sometime around Christmas!

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind