Wednesday 11th May 2011

Megan has managed to put on a little weight while she was in season and not able to go out so much. She is unimpressed about her new diet and exercise regime. I said to her that if she wanted to look good in her bikini this summer it was something she would just have to accept. Admittedly I said it while chomping through a treat and having her looking at it longingly, which may have been a little bit mean. I probably should have been nicer as she is also faced with a trip to the dentist. It’s all to do with the coating on one of her teeth when she was a puppy and now she’s fully grown she needs some more work doing on it. I don’t really understand these things but it shouldn’t affect her smile.

There is no sign yet of the impending trip to Switzerland. We tried asking Shadow if she had any idea when it might be and she just threw her paws up in frustration and snapped that she had no more idea than we did. I think she may be worrying about it. If not worrying exactly she is certainly feeling the pressure. It can’t be easy having a whole list of people holding their breath, anxious for you to become pregnant and have lots of puppies. You can tell how serious it is by the fact that my Mistress says the rest of the family will have to go on holiday without her and she will stay at home to look after Shadow as she didn’t want a pregnant dog to have to stay in kennels. I went and got one of the cushions off the sofa and strapped it to my tummy to see if it would work for me too.