Saturday 7th May 2011

My Mistress is in the process of publishing a book in ebook form. She had sorted out the version for Kindle and that is now for sale It’s called ‘Lovers take up less space’ and is about commuting on the Underground. It’s a funny book. Anyway, she started to put it onto a site called Smashwords which produces ebooks in other formats. She presumed that the uploading and checking the formatting would take five minutes, so she planned to sit in front of her computer while she waited. At the beginning she was #4438 in the queue and as with all these things the queue didn’t move very fast. She managed to ‘weed and feed’ the front grass, only to have it rain straight afterwards, do her keyboard practice, go out for a meal and come home to find she was still #2181 in the queue eight hours later. In the end she left it and went to bed. After 20 hours she reached #813. Her conclusion is that it is not a rapid process and it could still come back and tell her she has some formatting errors. I’m starting to think you need an awful lot of patience to be a writer, fortunately I can do that bit. Once everything is there I will tell you as she is also redesigning her website so you can click from there to the places to buy it. She has even started her own writer fan page on Facebook so that she can get people to show an interest in her work. She says I am not allowed to click the like button as people might think it suspicious. Fair enough, but what I really wanted was to be able to have a page of my own.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind