Friday 6th May 2011

Shadow passed her Kennel Club Bronze award in their good citizen scheme. She has a lovely certificate and is very proud that she is the first of us to pass. Megan was pleased for her but sad she had missed her test because of being in season. The good news is that because Megan was doing so well they are allowing her to take her test as soon as she gets back and she can start working on her silver in the meantime. Shadow is really looking forward to doing her silver but is worried that she will miss some time when she comes into season. It’s not easy being a girl. I’m really starting to understand some of the problems. At least not if you plan to have a family. I guess if you can be neutered you don’t have all these problems.

My Mistress was having an ‘easily distracted day’ yesterday. She hadn’t slept very well and wasn’t completely with it. It was the sort of day we could get away with things like saying ‘Oo look over there’ when there was nothing at all and then sneaking some chews out of the packet. She doesn’t often have days like that so we have to make the most of them. She was going to put the ‘weed and feed’ on the front lawn but I wasn’t entirely sure it was a day she should be mixing chemicals in case she got it wrong and poured it on the plants or worse. Frankly, it was the sort of day that she got to the end and breathed a sigh of relief that she could go back to bed. She is rather better today which is of course a good thing but does mean we’ll get fewer chews.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind