Monday 25th April 2011

What a lovely surprise. I received a package from my dad, Papa Elio. He has sent us a cd with a lot of information for my Mistress. She was so happy to receive it. It made me even more determined that I want to go to see him. Now my Mistress is trying to write a thank you in German and is very grateful for the translation sites on the internet. Of course there is always the risk that they end up saying something slightly different than you intended, but it’s better than not being able to say anything at all. The information she has will make it possible for her to build most of my family tree back for a very large number of generations. It’s going to take her a very long time to complete, but I’ve offered to lend a paw.

Megan is getting to that part of her season where my Mistress has to keep us apart. Not because I could actually do anything useful like create some puppies, but for our own health and welfare. Well mine really, after the problems I had before. She says there is a limit to the number of times she wants to sort my out! It’s hard not being able to be together as she is my companion. We are the best of friends and go everywhere together when we can. It would have been nice if we could have had puppies together but sadly that isn’t possible. If I were going to have had puppies with anyone, I would have liked it to by my Megan.

The garden is starting take shape and would look great if we dogs hadn’t ruined the grass. Some of it is growing back now the weather is improved but I fear that some patches are too dead to recover. I think they are well past the stage where ‘ weed and feed’ is going to make any difference!