Sunday 24th April 2011

Somewhere yesterday I overlooked that it was St George’s Day and therefore the English national day. St George has a big responsibility, what with keeping dragons at bay. I’m not sure exactly how many modern day real dragons there are, but I can think of a few people who are described that way that he could work on to keep his skills up. I did wonder whether we should dig our flag out and put it but, but my Mistress can’t remember exactly where she put it and besides which we don’t have a flag pole. Flying the flag doesn’t seem to be a very English thing to do, which is a shame. I was thinking maybe I should invest in a Belgian flag to fly on their national day seeing as that is where I was born and maybe a Swiss one to celebrate my ancestry. It would really confuse people round here if we started flying lots of different flags. My Mistress has a t-shirt which is an American flag, perhaps we could hang that outside on Independence Day!

I believe today there will be an Easter egg hunt and a dog treat hunt. We aren’t supposed to find the Easter eggs, they are for Andy, but we are allowed to hunt the dog treats. The ground rules have been explained and they will not be hidden amongst the seedlings that my Mistress is trying to grow and so we do not have permission to go and rummage around amongst them and kill any more. Nor will they be hidden in our food cupboard. This is apparently not an excuse to help ourselves to anything else we can find. You can’t blame a dog for trying, but you have to admire that our Mistress is always one paw ahead of us.