Friday 22nd April 2011

Having only just got back from Switzerland, my Mistress is already putting together her plans for the next trip. I said I wanted to go, but she said she will have enough problems travelling with a dog on heat without me bothering them both. I can see her point, but I wanted to be there to protect Shadow against any other dogs that might be around and I do feel it is my duty to check out the dog she is going to mate with before it happens. I might not approve of him. I’ve been putting together a list of questions I want him to answer before I can consider Shadow having his puppies. I want to know what interest he will take in their growing up and how much guidance he will provide, particularly to the boys. I want to know that he will treat Shadow well too. I’ve got some more basic questions about his likes and dislikes, just to find out if he is my kind of dog. Things like does he like playing tug or does he prefer fetch? I think it’s important to understand the genetic background to the puppies so we can be prepared for when they open their eyes and are ready to play.

Megan couldn’t go to her training class this week because she is on heat. She wouldn’t be allowed to go when she has her test at the end of the class either, but because she has being doing so well they have found a way to test her at the end of the evening so that her heat doesn’t put the other dogs off. She is very happy that she won’t miss out on the chance to progress to the next class. It is always a shame when your friends move up and you get left behind.