Thursday 21st April 2011

I’m glad that Megan didn’t tell you my news. My Mistress met my father. She was so excited about it. She said she was so happy that she nearly cried. She has brought me back some photos and then my dad sent me another photo when he got home. We look very alike. He is a handsome dog. Not that I’m saying I’m handsome, but he is fantastic and I’m very proud to have him as my father. Now I want to go with my Mistress next time she goes so that I can meet him. She has said she will try to work something out.

I was sent a book as a present from our friends in Switzerland. It’s about the fox that climbs the mountain opposite their house every day to light the beacon on top of the Niesen. My Mistress curled up with me yesterday to read it. When we got to the end I asked if she would read it to me again, but she said maybe we’d do it again another day. It didn’t make me think that I wanted to walk up the mountain, but then I rarely think I’d like to walk up mountains its too much like hard work.

The other exciting thing that happened was that my Mistress met the dog that was originally going to come to live with us, Megan 1. She is a sweet little thing, but her tail does curl much too far, which would have been no good for breeding. She is very petite and pretty and she seems happy living with her dad, so I don’t think she minds very much that she didn’t come to England.

Shadow was telling me about all the tests she had to have. She said the worst bit was having her tummy shaved for the ultrasound she had. Everything else was ok apart from that. The hair is starting to grow back but it’s a bit stubbly.