Thursday 14th April 2011

I’m looking forward to getting my little car back on the road when my Mistress comes home from Switzerland. It’s time to feel the wind in my ears again and enjoy the sunshine in my face as we drive. Did I tell you that my photo was in a magazine at the start of this month in my little car? It was really very exciting to see myself in print. It was me when I was younger but I looked good! I need to take Megan’s photo in it, just for the album. I’ll see if I can sort that out.

I do miss them all. I know I complain about not being able to get into my own bed without someone getting in with me, but I suppose I like it really. I’m missing snuggling up in bed in the morning. I have been sleeping in my Mistress’s place when I get away with it. It’s nice as it smells of her. I find it comforting. I don’t think my Master always understands that when he tells me to get into my own bed. I’m missing having anyone around to wash me too. It’s those out of the way places like my ears that I can’t reach. The girls really do that very well. I do enjoy them taking care of me. Isn’t it funny how girls are born with this inbuilt need to take care of others? Why don’t boys feel any need to do things like that?  I do like to keep myself clean, but it never occurs to me to start grooming others around me as well.