Wednesday 13th April 2011

This is so strange. There is just me, my Master and Andy and I can honestly say I don’t know what to do with myself. We don’t get up until I make it really clear that I need to go out. Meal times only occur when I remind them to check the time. That includes their own meal times, not just mine! No vegetables are cooked and I’m guessing that by the end of the week the pile of pizza wrappers will be quite large. I have already concluded that I am not so keen to live in an all male household. I’m wondering at what point it is going to be considered acceptable to call me in to lick the crockery clean so there is more to use when they do need it. Normally I get told off for that sort of thing, but I think at the moment all the normal rules are up in the air! I did half wonder if my Mistress would put in a web cam or two to keep an eye on what we were up to, but I don’t think she thought of it in her haste to prepare for the trip. You only start to understand the difference a woman makes when there isn’t one around to appreciate. This is probably the point at which I am supposed to say that everything will be different in the future and I will help more around the house. In reality, I guess I’ll just be happy when my Mistress comes home to do everything for me.

I’m planning to spend the evening with a good book. My Master has been reading ‘Marley and Me’ to Andy, I might sit in and listen to that. It is always good when the main character is a dog.