Wednesday 16th March 2011

I have heard of carting dogs, sniffer dogs, guide dogs, well lots of different types, but until this week I had never heard of a dog that parachutes. This particular dog works in the army and when his master is parachuted into places he goes too. Can you imagine a dog choosing to jump out of an aeroplane at however many thousand feet and not know what is going to happen? Dogs that work in the army are really quite amazing. There was one a couple of weeks ago that was only 22 months old and yet when his master died in action, the dog had a seizure and died too a little while later. I felt quite sad for the dog. I know what it is like to be that close to someone and it’s great while they are there, but if they aren’t with you it really isn’t very nice at all.

I am very worried about one of the puppies called Alfie. He has developed a liking for swimming and water. What self respecting dog goes into water? I don’t even go through puddles. That is a habit I have had to discuss with the girls. Our white bits look lovely and they should keep them that way. I know all the arguments that you can get them clean again, but what if you couldn’t? Can you imagine the horror of finding you had permanently stained them brown? It makes me shudder just to think about it. It would be rather like my Mistress dying her hair another colour and that isn’t going to happen. Apparently the girls were much keener to go up to people with red hair while they were at Discover Dogs than anyone else. It’s interesting isn’t it? My Master is quite convinced that we see in colour.