Tuesday 15th March 2011

I haven’t seen much news while I was away. It has been quite a shock since I’ve been back to see how much has been happening in the world. My thoughts are with all the people and their pets in Japan. It must be a very worrying time for all of you. I’m proud of the rescue dogs that are on their way out to help in the search. You really do a fantastic job and make me proud to call myself a dog.

The girls have been regaling me with stories from their time at Discover Dogs. Megan was telling me about a little boy that she thinks I would have liked. He came and met her towards the end of the show and totally fell in love with our breed. Megan thinks he will remember for when he is older and will have one of us as his companion one day. My Mistress said that he reminded her of what she was like when she was a child and one time she found a dog she really could relate to. It wasn’t one of us, but we have forgiven her as there weren’t any of us in the country then. My Mistress has said that I was the dog she always dreamed of having. That made me feel better about not being able to go with her. The girls were saying that everyone who comes up to meet you tends to scrunch your ears up. I would be no good really, as that hurts me. Perhaps it’s best I don’t go to things like that. They wouldn’t want me yelping all the time.

I also heard that one of the puppies who is called Alfie got his tail caught in the car door. I do hope he is ok. That is not something a dog appreciates. He really does need to remember to pull his tail in as soon as he gets in.