Monday 14th March 2011

Ok, I admit it. I’ve missed the girls. It’s the first time I have been on my own since Shadow came to live with us nearly two years ago. I had looked at the prospect of four days without them as being heaven. I was wrong. I miss their annoying little habits. I miss having them compete over washing my ears. I even miss trying to keep them in order. I don’t think I will actually tell them any of that when I see them later. I wouldn’t want them to take advantage of my good nature. I’ve been worrying a bit too. What if they have got too close to my Mistress while they’ve been away? What if they have been snuggling up in bed with her the way I do? You do think she will still have missed me don’t you? I couldn’t cope if I didn’t have my special relationship with my Mistress. We’re a team. I had rather hoped that we might go away just the two of us to make up for me being left out of this trip.

I suppose when I get home the girls will be all excited and wanting to tell me about all the people and dogs they’ve met and all the things I’ve missed. I’ll try to smile as I listen, but I’d rather have been there myself. I wonder if they’ve met anyone famous this time. They might even have seen the dog that won this year’s Crufts. That would be quite something. I’d have like to interview them and ask what it’s like being a Champion. I wonder whether they enjoy the hard work or whether it’s a real chore. I was reading my Mistress’s book and it suggested that all dogs like to work. Of course, it’s wrong. Most of us want to put our feet up and relax, but I wonder whether to be a Champion you have to like working.