Monday 10th January 2011

My Master has to go away for work this week and while I will of course miss him very much, I am not going to miss the line “A little late with the new my fairy friend” being repeated in a menacing voice. This is his opening line in the pantomime in a couple of weeks. I keep thinking he has said ‘furry friend’ and is talking to me, but then I realise he is addressing the fairy and she isn’t actually here, although sometimes I think he says it loud enough for her to be able to here from her house and that is right down the road next to where we used to live. He won’t know what to do with all the time he has when it’s all over. I might suggest that he could take me out for walks and we could have some ‘man time’.

Did I tell you we made some more marmalade at the weekend? I am delighted to say that this time you don’t need a pick axe in order to serve it. It is beautifully clear and tastes very good. Recognising that some of the family prefer it without alcohol in it, my Mistress even resisted the urge to put whiskey in all of it. She has also had to good sense to colour code the jars. Red tops and labels have whiskey, blue ones are free of alcohol. I’ve asked to be served mine from the red topped jars! The rest of the household are telling her it’s good enough to sell, but I think my Mistress was planning on eating it rather than selling it. She is also concerned that there might be rules precluding dogs from helping in the process where it is for commercial sale. On the other paw, I am allowed to help with the dispatch of books we are trying to sell through Amazon. The only problem is that no one seems to want to buy them.