Tuesday 11th January 2011

We were looking at shocking video of the Australian floods yesterday. My Mistress has relatives in the affected areas and she has been to some of the places too. It makes out our complaints about the snow seem pathetic really. Yes, my paws get cold when I go outside but for the most part I am at no risk to my personal safety. If I were a very small dog I might risk getting lost in a pile of snow, but I’m not. I go out. I do what I have to do and then I come in and sit by a nice warm dry fireside. I do not have to rescue my possessions from flood water or watch our car being swept away down the road. All in all I think I am a very lucky dog.

The girls have been disagreeing about top dog again. To be fair I think they both accept I am top dog, at least most of the time. No one takes my food and no one tries to stop me from sitting by my Mistress. However, yesterday poor Megan had a dreadful day. She has been above Shadow in the pecking order for a week or two and things have been more settled. However, I think Shadow got out of the wrong side of her basket yesterday morning. First of all she had Megan cornered outside and wouldn’t let her back into the house. Then when Megan had come back in she was not allowed to sit on the settee next to my Mistress. She was only allowed to sit on the floor. My poor Mistress had decided she wanted to read a book with her two dogs either side of her. That’s me and Megan. When she eventually persuaded Megan to climb up and sit by her, she found herself in the middle of a dog fight with Shadow making it very clear she was not going to allow it. In the end Shadow was put in her crate so that the three of us could have some peace and quiet. By then I think Megan had been traumatised by the whole experience and she decided to sit on the floor.