Thursday 2nd December 2010

It’s the day for our bin collection. However due to the snow the council are not guaranteeing that they will come. The reason being that some roads are inaccessible. Now unless I am very much mistaken, they would be the same roads that haven’t been gritted by the council because they aren’t deemed important enough. So based on the fact that we don’t get the same level of service as other roads, why do we actually have to pay the same level of council tax? Fair enough we are clearly an inconvenience to them, but they should at the very least recognise that all round and give us a suitable discount. The alternative would be to give our little parish meeting the budget to organise these things for ourselves, but I suppose that would be easier said than done. Roads in the city which are ignored probably have even better grounds to complain as they don’t have several miles of country lane to go down before you get there. Maybe they will get through. Tesco’s can manage and the postman can manage so I don’t really see why the council can’t. Having said that, my Mistress had an awful job dragging the bin through the snow to get it to the front gate in the first place. She did wonder whether she might be wasting her time.

Given that my Mistress’s novel did not get sent to the competition, she now has to start packaging it up and sending it out to agents instead. It is a lot of hard work to send it out to lots of people, only to have them turn it down, so please would one of the first ones she sends it to take it on. I’d be very grateful! She just needs someone to give her a break. It isn’t too much to ask is it?