Tuesday 30th November 2010

There are times that the fact you are a Swiss Mountain Dog simply comes rushing to the surface. When you see deep white snow there is an instinctive reaction to it. “Woohoo” you cry and rush out headlong into the deepest part you can find. In Shadows’s case you spend half an hour chasing snow flakes. In mine and Megan’s cases you see how long it stays on your nose before it melts. Then you get called inside and as soon as you are dry you ask to be let out to play in it all over again. We just need the odd mountain in the back garden to make the whole scene authentic.

James was hoping his school would be shut or that my Mistress would decide he didn’t have to go. She’s not very soft when it comes to things like that. She concluded that as long as the school bus was running then he would have to go. He was the only child from the village to be waiting at the bus stop. I don’t think he was very pleased. I said the three of us could pull him to school if he could get hold of a sleigh at short notice. I don’t think Santa needs his just yet, we’d only have to borrow it for a few days until things got back to normal. Of course while it is uncool to be the only child sent to school that would have been more than evened out by being regarded as utterly eccentric going to school by dog sled!

England is not supposed to be this cold and this snowy when it’s only November. It makes the snow socks that my Mistress has sent for to put on the car look like a wise investment. Of course they haven’t actually been delivered yet. I don’t think the delivery driver can get through because of the snow!