Monday 4th October 2010

My Mistress thinks the hypnotherapy she had, for her fear of flying, might have worked. She can at least read stories about problems with planes without panicking which is in itself quite a step forward. She also seems a lot happier to deal with the large spiders that are coming in to find somewhere for the winter. When I say deal with, she is not at the point of returning them live into the wild, more at the point of returning them dead to the dustbin but even that is quite an achievement. You may wonder what that has to do with flying, but the process that they used was about you taking control of your fear and putting it into perspective. She won’t really know until she tries to take a flight and at the moment she just doesn’t have time to try that, or at least that is the excuse she is using.

The summer house is lovely. It has beautiful window boxes that will look great with colourful plants growing in them. There is just the one minor design flaw. If you open the windows you would decapitate the plants. Yesterday we embarked on a project to move the window boxes further down the walls of the summer house to minimise the problem. It not just means growing things that are relatively short. That will rule out the daffodils but the crocuses and snowdrops should be ok.

It’s the relaunch of the pub tonight after its refurbishment. I’m just disappointed that I haven’t been invited. My Master and Mistress are going, so they can at least tell me all about it. My Mistress was having difficulty deciding what to wear. That’s the problem with a wardrobe full of clothes, too much choice! I suggested she couldn’t go wrong with the little black number. After all my coat serves me well for all occasions.