Wednesday 18th August 2010

I’m writing this on Tuesday evening while I’m waiting for Megan to arrive. I can’t sit still and have spent most of the day pacing up and down with anxiety. We heard that she had arrived in the country on Monday morning and her breeder was then visiting some friends on the way here. I simply can’t wait to see her and show her round. I’ve heard that she’s feeling a bit tired from her travels so I plan to pamper her and bring her everything she could possibly need.

In the meantime, my Mistress is in a state of flat panic. She has as you know ordered the summerhouse. However she has just looked at our local council’s website and they have changed their procedures and may require permission for her to put it up. She has checked the actual planning regulations and she wouldn’t be in breach of those so it shouldn’t be a problem, but my Mistress is one of these people who does like to do everything properly and she is now in a flat spin that they might say she can’t do it – even though legally she can. I hope that makes sense. She is waiting for the planning office to call her back. She has looked at their over complicated form and it really doesn’t seem very well designed for something this simple. ‘Is the building made of combustible material?’ – Well which garden shed or summerhouse isn’t made of wood? Then there is a complicated bit about verandas – but it seems to be referring to things raised off the ground. I would just like to stress at this point that I do not plan to be raised off the ground in any way whatsoever. My paws will be firmly set at ground level and I think it should be considered as more of a deck than a veranda. My Mistress is going to feel a whole lot better when this one is sorted out!