Monday 16th August 2010

Firstly I need to assure you that my Mistress was not drunk and has not gone mad, then I can explain what happened. Now, I will admit they were walking back from the pub, but they hadn’t had very much to drink and they were still both as sane as usual. They tell me they saw a bright light in the sky, below cloud height. It was an orangey colour and but for the fact it was uniform in shape, they would have said it was a ball of flame. The light move slowly and uniformly across the sky as though driven by an engine. They were fully expecting to see something start to nosedive and then hear a load crash, but instead it progressed roughly from east to west across the sky and disappeared into the horizon. My Mistress is now quite desperate to find a normal rational explanation of what it was, as it has slightly freaked her out. It was not a normal occurrence and was too low to be a satellite and for that matter too bright. It was also too slow to be a shooting star and didn’t die out. It gently glided across. In principal she doesn’t believe in UFOs at least not of the alien variety, but it was most certainly an unidentified flying object in as much as she doesn’t know what it was, it was flying and it was an object. What more can you say?

I have to tell you that she has found her fancy dress costume too. I think this is definitely part of her mid life crisis. She is going as Xena, Warrior Princess. I pointed out that as far as I recollect, Xena did not wear glasses and for that matter doesn’t look to be 45, but never let it be said that such minor details would stop my Mistress. She is ready to enter into the spirit of it fully, but from the length of the costume, will not be able to sit down for the evening.