Sunday 15th August 2010

I’m sulking. My Mistress has gone to see Shrek without me. I wanted to go. I’ve met one of the people listed in the credits of the film, but I shall have to wait until it’s out on DVD to see it. It’s a dog’s life. I think we might be going blackberrying when she comes back. I’m only allowed to go as long as I promise not to eat them. As if the thought would have entered my lovely little head. I said it was important for her to take me with her so she could see what level was dog peeing height and therefore only pick the berries that were above that level. We will be adding them to the pile we have been accumulating at home and then depending on how many we have we might just make sorbet or we might make jam. I’ve voted for jam as I don’t get much of a look in with eating the sorbet.

We are supposed to be planting some of the lavender plants out too. They grew so much while we were on holiday that they look quite good now. We have already planted seven of the Echinacea plants and all the Saffron crocus bulbs. In fact, my Mistress now needs to extend the herb garden and that will involve digging. That’s more Shadow’s department. I’m more of the creative type.

Our pub is having its birthday party on a couple of weeks. It is actually on my Mistress’s birthday, so it saves us all having to think what to do for her birthday. The theme is heroes and Villains. I don’t know what my Mistress is going as this year. Last year it was TV and Film and she wore a big fluffy pink panther outfit. What do you wear on your 45th birthday? I may not have been supposed to give her age away, so don’t mention t to her. She is thinking of having a mid life crisis as it is!