Monday 9th August 2010

Everything came out of the car and apart from the large willow thing we haven’t really bought anything, so why won’t it all fit back in? We’ve eaten the food. You wouldn’t think with all the exercise that any of us have put on weight and yet there seem to be all sorts of bits that don’t fit in. It’s amazing how frayed tempers can get just trying to shoehorn everything back in. That is before we even get onto the discussion of how long we are staying to do activities after the car goes back to the car park. I think my Mistress just wants to get home now. To be honest she’s seen the size of the pile of washing and believes it would be good to make a start on it! It’s either that or wanting to get back to her plants and see if they are all alive and well. She is going to be very upset if she finds that any of them have died while she’s away. I’m not sorry that our summer holiday is over. It’s been fun, but there’s no place like home and I do miss some of my favourite spots. I also miss being off the lead and being able to do my own thing. There is only so much of family activities that any dog can stand.

Of course once we get back we have the excitement of the base of the summer house going down tomorrow. Then we need to order the summer house to go on the base. I’m reckoning it will be in by the end of the month. I do hope I’m not being over optimistic. I’ve offered to help paint it. I think the inside is going to be a powder blue colour to match the garden seat that my Mistress likes so much.