Sunday 25th July 2010

It seems watching ‘Marley and Me’ has had a profound effect on my Mistress. She doesn’t want to be separated from us at all. It’s usually the other way round. It’s quite nice now the boot is on the other paw. She is really being very affectionate and we’re getting extras of the best bits of the meal. I think she ought to rewatch it at intervals to keep the momentum going. She really is getting very excited now about Megan arriving and is making all the preparations. She went to buy the food Megan likes yesterday only to find they only had it in small bags. What good is that? Megan will eat her way through one of those in a few days. She is now ordering it from another company. She was also disappointed that Megan cannot have a bone collar that matches mine and Shadow’s. I did suggest we could all have new ones so that we looked the same as Megan, but we’ll have to wait until it’s our birthdays or Christmas for that. It doesn’t seem very fair that Megan is getting all these presents now when her birthday is only a couple of months away anyway. I know mine is only a month after hers, but all the same. Anyway, she has a collar that is quite like ours but it has paw prints on instead of bones.

We had our first bar b q in the new house yesterday. From a dog point of view it was great because there is always dropped food. From a human point of view it was less successful, not just because of dropping the food but it turns out that the bar b q might have seen better days. My Mistress is thinking of building one on the patio and I think it is probably a necessity! My grandma’s family used to use the expression ‘we had one once but the wheel fell off’, well with regards to our bar b q, this would be accurate. And the ash tray is broken. Apart from that it’s fine. We seem to have a thing about wheels, they’ve fallen off the garden shredder as well.