Saturday 24th July 2010

My Mistress doesn’t watch television very often and to be fair has little idea how the Sky box works. She is feeling very pleased with herself not though as she found the film listings and decided to watch ‘Marley and Me’ last night. We all watched it together. She did wonder if she would need to get one of the children to show her how it worked, but fortunately it wasn’t as difficult as she feared. I said to Shadow when we’d watched it that his behaviour almost made her look normal. She sulked with me for ages, but I was only joking. We’ve actually been getting on really well recently. Shadow doesn’t seem to feel quite so much need to prove something.

Yesterday as the weather was fine, my Mistress went out with the weed killer she’s been wanting to attack the stinging nettles behind the house with. There were even more of them than she’d realised but she wasn’t deterred. Now I keep looking out of the window to see if they’ve dies yet, but I don’t think there’s been much change. She gave the front grass some weed and feed too and the weeds are now at that stage of growing madly before they fall over and give up. Today some friends are helping with the path round to the oil tank so I’ve been asked if I would mind not running around where they are trying to work. And there was I thinking I was helping!

We have a date for the base of the summer house. Now to be fair this is the third date we will have had and it comes several months after the first one. The question is will the whole project be finished in time for it to be used before the winter sets in? There will be the summerhouse itself and the electrics and then my Mistress wants to paint the inside and put a spare piece of carpet down. I’m exhausted just thinking about it. All I want is the veranda to lie on.