Saturday 17th July 2010

Well the lengths some people are prepared to go to for the comfort and safety of their dogs. Not that I’m complaining you understand. It turns out that the company that supplies crates for the boot of my Mistress’s car is over three hours drive away, but that is the least of the problems. Because her car is an awkward shape, once you get a crate in it can’t be taken out. Basically they build it into the car. It means that it would be difficult to use the car for other things. Blow me if it hasn’t led to my Mistress starting to look at changing her car for something more practical. Her first problem is that it is a left hand drive car and so it won’t sell so easily in this country, however she seems to have found a company that specialises in that very problem and is now in the process of reading the small print of what happens if they sell it for you. I have asked if I can go to the showroom to help choose the new car. It seems particularly relevant as essentially it is for us. I went with her in Belgium and in the circumstances it seems only reasonable. However, my Mistress doesn’t think I will be allowed to go with her in this country. Sometimes I really don’t like this dogist society we live in. Whatever happened to equal rights?

My granddad has been busy helping in the garden and has used this big long arm thing to cut some branches out of the trees. I must say I’ve really noticed the difference. One corner of the garden was very dark and overhung and now there is so much more light coming in I’m going to need sunglasses. My Mistress is hoping it will really help the blackberry bush if it gets more light, although the fact that one of the branches fell on it on the way down might actually count against that plan!