Thursday 15th July 2010

I’d like to start by wishing my Master and Mistress a happy wedding anniversary. Of course, I’m still smarting from not having attended the wedding, some wounds run deep, but at least I’m with them today as they haven’t gone away anywhere.

In preparation for my grandparents coming to stay, my Mistress had a last minute trip to the DIP store to buy a mirror for the bathroom they will use. Last time they stayed my granddad had difficulty shaving because he couldn’t see what he was doing. My Mistress came back with a very nice mirror that should completely solve the problem. She also bought a mirror for the wall of our shower room. My Master had already told her he didn’t think she would be able to stick it to the wall with ‘No Nails’ glue, however she was convinced that she would know better. She got the tube of glue out and put a generous portion on the back of the mirror and held it to the wall. It was only then that she realised that the weight was a little too much and the mirror started to little by little slide down the wall at a strange angle. My Mistress held it into place and was left standing there for about twenty minutes, as the rest of the family were doing other things. Once again when she moved away the mirror slid down the wall. She has been forced to conclude that my Master was right and is now seeking alternative methods to stick it to the wall.

My Mistress wonders if she is developing an affinity with Harry Potter. Every so often her scar is hurting and she wonders whether that is a sign that Voldermort is nearby or whether she has her own nemesis that is causing the scar to hurt. I said it was just a bit tight and she might be stretching it, but she seemed to prefer her theory.