Friday 25th June 2010

I wonder whether Her Majesty the Queen enjoyed her outing to Wimbledon. She hadn’t been since the year of her silver jubilee, which incidentally was the last time a Brit actually won. Maybe it’s an omen and we should all be backing Andy Murray to win the title this year. I think he’s a better bet than England to win the World Cup. I’ve told you about the bet going on between my Master and my Mistress over the results of the group stages of the World Cup. Well, my Mistress has updated their scores and she was feeling a bit confused when she did it. She marked several games as having results of 0 – 0 when in fact they hadn’t yet been played. She thought she was doing worse than she actually was and when she remarked it after those games she was actually two points in the lead. Now, given that she has concluded a trained monkey could have predicted as many results correctly, she is starting to conclude that neither she nor my Master really know the first thing about football. This just goes to show why gambling is a dangerous thing to be getting into.

One good thing that happened yesterday was that my Mistress felt well enough to plant the lavender plants in the garden. She even got her tape measure out to ensure they were spaced at 40cm intervals. The only problem was that the area she was planting turned out to be rather longer than she was expecting and she now needs another 7 plants to finish the job. She is going to have to wait for some of her seedlings to grow into plants before she can do it. The next job is to plant the marigold seedlings into bigger pots and I think that might be happening today. She is supposed to be staying out of the sunshine as if her scar goes red in the sun it will stay that colour. It means waiting to the end of the day to do anything or going out incognito in a wide brimmed hat.