Saturday 26th June 2010

As I write this my Mistress hasn’t done the final analysis of the world cup predictions, but with only one day to go she was leading by 63 points to 57. In theory it could all change, but I think it is unlikely. The question is will she offer my Master double or quits on the last 16 knock out stage?

Having discovered that for Seville oranges she may be waiting until January, my Mistress refuses to be put off her desire to make marmalade. She has bought some more ordinary oranges and a bottle of pectin, which is apparently the thing that makes it set. That is what Seville oranges have more of apparently. She is now armed and dangerous. The only thing she lacks is the energy to get on and complete the task. The boys have all gone on the North York Moors Railway today. My Mistress didn’t feel well enough to be out for the whole day so she said that she would stay at home. I was quite relieved, because although I enjoyed the train ride last time I did find all the noises around the steam trains were a bit stressful, particularly when I was standing right next to a train that let off steam. I said I would stay home to look after her and as Shadow is still in season she wasn’t actually given the choice of going this time anyway. It was much nicer for Shadow not to have to stay at home on her own, although I have to admit she is driving me nuts at the minute. She is at that point of her season where she wants to play all the time. I know it isn’t just normal fun and games she wants, but I’m no use to her in the long run and she doesn’t seem to see it. She just won’t leave me alone. I like a quiet life. Whatever is it going be like with two girl dogs around?