Thursday 10th June 2010

Well I’m fine.  A little bit sore and having to take it easy. I’m certainly enjoying all the fuss and attention, but other than that I am recovering nicely. I’ve got a little shaved patch on my chest and two or three rather neatly sewn stitches which I will have removed in ten days time. The good news is that it really is just a fatty lump and there is nothing to worry about at all. It does mean that the birds get a few days respite where they don’t get chased, but I don’t mind that too much. I shall just save my energy for when I’m running around again. Now we just need my Mistress’s operation to go as well and everyone will be happy. I suspect she may be under the anaesthetic for a little longer than I was, so she’s more likely to have something of an after effect. I like the advice sheet that comes with the operation ‘Some dogs may lose their appetite’. Some dongs might. This dog certainly didn’t and I was ready for a full meal as soon as I was allowed one. I did try arguing for double measures as I’d missed out on breakfast but that wasn’t allowed.

Given how miserable the weather has become, I am starting to wonder at my Mistress wanting a summerhouse in the first place. What practical good is sitting outside in a poorly insulated wooden building when you need a couple of extra jumpers to sit in the well insulated house? I’m just hoping that the man who is coming to look at our chimney next week can get it working so that we can have a log fire, even though it is nearly summer.

My Mistress has received five free packets of seeds from the gardening magazine she bought. The only problem is that it’s five types of vegetables that she doesn’t eat so they aren’t much use to her. She also doesn’t have a vegetable garden and doesn’t have time to prepare one to be able to use it this year. You can look out for packets of seed as prizes at the village Fun Day!