Friday 11th June 2010

Shadow is getting on all of our nerves. She is not coping with the fact that I want to take it easy and have a quiet day today. I did feel like a game of tug earlier, but my Mistress reminded me that it was a bit soon and I should probably leave it a few days before doing anything as strenuous as that and to be honest I thought she might have a point. The highlight of the day has been a delivery from Pets at Home of our dog food sacks. Well when I say sacks, mine arrived but there is no sign of Shadow’s. In theory, if everything went smoothly, It is much easier to order them on line and have them delivered than it is for my Mistress to lug great heavy sacks into and out of the car. Add to that the fact that delivery is free and it would cost about £4 in fuel to do the return trip in the car and the decision is an easy one to make. What surprised my Mistress was the willingness of shop staff to get people to sign up for a discount on using the on line service. In the long run, if everyone does their shopping on line there will be less need of the proper shops, but maybe some people will always like browsing.

I have to report that the only thing growing on the rosemary seeds in the porch appears to be mould. This could be an indication of them being overwatered or just the perfect growing conditions for mould having been created. My Mistress is still inspecting them regularly with an optimistic look on her face, but I think she might be kidding herself. I think they can be marked down as somewhat less successful than the other seedlings, most of which are growing quite nicely.