Tuesday 8th June 2010

It turned out to be quite a funny day yesterday. It was dull and cold so we didn’t feel like spending the day outdoors. My Master was ill in bed because his lumbago has set in, so we weren’t allowed to curl up on the duvet as he didn’t want disturbing. In protest, Shadow peed on the floor of the guest bathroom and my Mistress was very cross with her. My grandparents went home so they weren’t around to play with, which meant it was one of those nothing sorts of days when you don’t know what to do with yourself and everything you feel like doing is thwarted. My Mistress spent half the day doing lots of loads of washing from things James had used at the weekend horse riding. He’d been sleeping in a horse trailer and I have to say his sleeping bag smelt particularly savoury! My Mistress hung everything out, as much to air them, as dry them but then had to keep checking that it wasn’t raining.

The only really fun bit in all of it was that my Mistress stayed in contact with my Master by walkie talkie. She has some she used to use when she went cycling. My Master wanted to know what her ‘call sign’ was going to be and she decided on ‘Bay Leaf’ after the gardener in the children’s tv programme when she was young. I asked if I could have a go. I wanted to be ‘Gladiator’ as I thought it sounded cool, but she said it wasn’t a toy and I wasn’t allowed to play with it. Shadow wanted to be ‘Barbie’ but she wasn’t allowed to play either. I asked if my Mistress had any spare empty tin cans so that Shadow and I could at least pretend, but my Mistress was worried that we’d cut ourselves on the edges. Health and safety gets in the way of so many fun things these days.